Trading Environment

A trading environment is a reinforcement learning environment that follows OpenAI’s gym.Env specification. This allows us to leverage many of the existing reinforcement learning models in our trading agent, if we’d like.

Trading environments are fully configurable gym environments with highly composable Exchange, FeaturePipeline, ActionScheme, and RewardScheme components.

  • The Exchange provides observations to the environment and executes the agent’s trades.
  • The FeaturePipeline optionally transforms the exchange output into a more meaningful set of features before it is passed to the agent.
  • The ActionScheme converts the agent’s actions into executable trades.
  • The RewardScheme calculates the reward for each time step based on the agent’s performance.

That’s all there is to it, now it’s just a matter of composing each of these components into a complete environment.

When the reset method of a TradingEnvironment is called, all of the child components will also be reset. The internal state of each exchange, feature pipeline, transformer, action scheme, and reward scheme will be set back to their default values, ready for the next episode.

Let’s begin with an example environment. As mentioned before, initializing a TradingEnvironment requires an exchange, an action scheme, and a reward scheme, the feature pipeline is optional.

from tensortrade.environments import TradingEnvironment

environment = TradingEnvironment(exchange=exchange,